Get Read! Next Gen Privacy Breach

Get Ready! The next generation of hardware to push your limits for your value for personal privacy. Sept 10th #tspds #techinspades #apple #iphone #privacy

That’s Award: Siri Records Private Moments

Apple uses Siri to keep recordings of the most private aspects of your relationship #tspds #techinspades

Dropbox File Sharing URL Tip

A quick video about how to get more control of your dropbox file sharing URLs. For those of you who don’t know right clicking on any file in dropbox brings you this context menu. Use the copy dropbox link to generate the URL. The URL will be copied to your clipboard allowing it to pasted […]

Apple Reduces iPhone Costs: Our Costs Remain

Apple has the biggest margins in the business and they just got bigger. They aren’t passing on the saving because of the perceived and probable raise of import costs.