Windows Virtual Desktop Problems

With Windows Virtual Desktop, the bad old days are coming back #tspds #techinspades #Windows #Windows #VirtualDektop #Azure

Dropbox File Sharing URL Tip

A quick video about how to get more control of your dropbox file sharing URLs. For those of you who don’t know right clicking on any file in dropbox brings you this context menu. Use the copy dropbox link to generate the URL. The URL will be copied to your clipboard allowing it to pasted […]

Setup Zoiper App

As shown below you will fill out the Account name:, Domain, User name: and Password: The Account name can be anything you would like to refer to this account and phone extension. The Domain, Username and Password will be provided to you by email text message.

Setting Up VNC on Windows with Router

I go through the video quick so pause when needed if you are following along step by step. Download VNC Install VNC Find local IP address Forward Ports in router Identify public IP address