Zendesk Vulnerability

Zendesk Security Breach May Impact Orgs Like Uber, Slack, and FCC #tspds #techinspades #Zendesk #SecurityBreach #Uber #Slack #FCC https://t.co/QHExJ2PsXa https://t.co/H9wWRju4E6

Check on Internet Outages

Had some FB messenger problems today and was reminded of that https://t.co/MKwFipyvzo is the place to check on most sites and services. The world will let you know if you’re the only one. https://t.co/7ANYxmEgDu https://t.co/gVJQQ0i5oi

Netflix Stocks Battered

Netflix stock battered as investors await a flood of new competitors #tspds #technicspades #Netflix #Stock #streaming #cordcutter https://t.co/QOw2m1pBBu https://t.co/u88rAhHw7p

Dropbox File Sharing URL Tip

A quick video about how to get more control of your dropbox file sharing URLs. For those of you who don’t know right clicking on any file in dropbox brings you this context menu. Use the copy dropbox link to generate the URL. The URL will be copied to your clipboard allowing it to pasted […]