theGrid F.A.Q

Why can’t we post URLs or Videos?

The biggest problem we expect people will have with the rules is the ‘No URLs/link or Videos’. This isn’t obvious to most so let’s get into it.

Generally this is a liability issue where anyone in the group could link to the most offensive things which are completely subjective for how interesting or offensive something on the Internet is. To have guidelines for the group accommodates the greatest number of people. While we aren’t completely removing the ability to post URLs and Video we would rather not have to moderate this sort of content. It is expedient to show FB rules as they are and elaborate here about how you can post URLs and Videos.

There are a couple ways around this problem:

Keep all your content on your respective FB pages and refer to your page in theGrid posts.
Post videos and URLs which will put you on the moderated list so the moderators can approve all your posts, including the ones that have URLs and videos.

When are you going to have a winner for [whatever] giveaway?

All dates and deadlines are on the website where you entered your information, on the respective terms of service, privacy policy and requirements pages for your particular giveaway. You might be entered in more than so please keep your own records.

Why wasn’t I picked to win [whatever] TiS giveaway?

This is one of those times you’re not going to get a straight answer since we are using sites like and Just as an example. We will be communicating with members of theGrid and most likely showing the entire process of how we got to determine the winner in that particular giveaway. If you would like to see the unedited process please see the following video:

Why can’t I promote my side hustle or free giveaway?

You can generally refer to anything you want as long as you adhere to the rules about not being offensive. Rule #3:

The problem with promoting outside giveaways is the liability. We don’t want to have to defend, be questioned or even respond to individuals questions about your promotional content.

We don’t want to be associated to what theGrid members are promoting. Based on how our own giveaways have gone we get a lot of messages with questions about the legitimacy of the organization and the giveaways.

We would like a layer of separation which would be a separate landing page with your own privacy policy, terms of service, rules, support and contact information.

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